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"Each person is unique and La Bicha Creativa has something unique to him."

La Bicha Creativa is a venture that started in the mid 2005 concerns about the necessity to find a channel about the creativity and expertise of its creators, designing items and novel objects, funny and also, the possibility to make sales with them.

From the beginning, La Bicha Creativa has been componed by Maria Isabel Sabatini (Maisa), José Sabatini and Pablo Trepat.
Maisa is the soul of La Bicha generating everything related to it; with university degree in Textile Designer, she has developed his career in the world of textile design and has extensive experience in the textile industry.
She has developed tasks in different areas, from design, manufacturing, engraving and printing and well as creating original designs and colorations on request.
After more than fifteen years working for other companies, she decided in 2008, start to work as a freelance designer and work hard with La Bicha Creativa project.
José, illustrator, is the creator of the image of La Bicha Creativa; where the graphic presentation is every day more professional and always present in different aspects.
Pablo, Engineer, performs multiple activities within La Bicha Creativa; from handle material purchases, participate in decision-making, supporting all necessary to participate in fairs and logistics, collaborate in the production of parts, etc.

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